Iwona Lenartowicz

About Iwona

Iwona belonged to a traditional Polish folk song and dance group, Karolinka – for 16 years and in addition established a career in the fashion industry, where she continues to freelance.

Travel and experiencing different cultures has always been Iwona’s passion, and it was whilst staying at an Ashram in Trivandrum, India in 1995 that she discovered yoga.

Having since practiced various forms of yoga, Iwona chose to focus on Ashtanga and it's philosophy, enabling her to delve deeper into the practice and meditation.

Inspired by various teachers, Norman Blair and Oloff Kujit for her asana practice and Ruth Westoby for philosophy. Iwona now practices daily with Hamish Hendry, at Dharma Shala, London.

In 2009 Iwona qualified as a yoga teacher at Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa, India. She has since been teaching public and private classes.

In 2015 Iwona underwent a hip operation. The experience gave her a greater understanding of the body's mechanics, and how limited postures can still stabilize the mind. She has gradually reintroduced her own yoga practice and continues to teach.

"Citta Vritthi nirodaha " - yoga stops the sensations and fluctuations of the mind.

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